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What is a SoGo Cash Card?

The SoGo Cash Card is a personal spending card and gift card. It’s a fast, effortless way to pay for food and beverages at participating Sodexo locations. Eliminates the need to carry credit or cash. Get a card for yourself or give one as a gift. Load on SoGoCashCard.com website and register it for protection against loss. We recommend setting up your card for auto-reload, so you’ll always have funds available.

Where can I find the pin number needed to complete registration?

The Pin# can be found on the back of the SoGo card under the scratch off area next to the bar code.
The Pin# can be found under the SoGo Tag  bar code.
Use this 8-digit pin number and enter when prompted to complete registration.

Where can I get a SoGo Cash Card and where can I use it?

  • Pick up a SoGo Cash Card at any participating Sodexo location. If you don’t see them displayed, please ask a cashier.
  • SoGo Cash Card can be used at all Sodexo locations participating in the program.
  • It is not usable at other retail or restaurant locations outside Sodexo.

What are the minimum/maximum dollars you can add on the website?

Minimum is $25.00 – Maximum is $1000

What are the minimum/maximum dollars you can add at a Sodexo location?

Minimum is $5.00 – Maximum is $1000
Reload is $25 (adding additional value)


Are there any fees associated with SoGo Cash Card?

NO, there are never any fees associated with the SoGo Cash Card.

How do I create an account, activate and register my card?

Select “My Account” on the website home page.

Choose the “Create an Account” option and provide the required information. After completing the form, click on “Register” button to submit your form.  An activation link will be emailed to you. To activate your account, click on the link and then login with your user name and password.

To complete the registration, enter the 16- digit SoGo Cash Card Number and the PIN# located on the back of your card (you will need to scratch the protective layer off, if you have a SoGo Tag you will need to gently remove the bar code to reveal the PIN#), you will also enter a card description (e.g. My Lunch Card) when prompted, click “Register.”

To complete the registration process, you will be required to add funds if the card is not active (already had initial funds added). Enter the requested information. You can immediately use your SoGo Cash Card!

Do I have to register my SoGo Cash Card before I can add funds online?

Yes, you must first create an account, and link your account information with your SoGo Cash Card before you can load the card online.

I have completed the account registration process but I have not received the verification email that I need to continue.

An account registration email will be sent to the email address you provided. Check your junk or spam folder just in case it landed there. If you do not have the activation link, please call our 24/7 help desk at 888 345 7646.